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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

H O L L O W E E N nite with my friendss..

hurm... sebenar nya nie suma coiencident jer.. my parent jus hangout kat batu ferringhi so they jus rent one apartment there.. and no one are going.. then my dad wanted me to invite some of my friend.. for sure la no one here.. they are busy with their final paper.. then i was remembered that zafryl finish his paper and emma was in the study week time... mayo cannot follow because she totally busy with her PALAPES tinnggy.. ahakzz.. then, emma drove like a hell.. we pickup zafryl at his home then we fetch terry at his kondo too...  hangout at  the gurney.. took our dinner there.. and she drove to the aprtments infront of the HARD ROCK HOTEL... then we heard there was a party .. that was a HOLLOWEEN night that been held by the HARD ROCK cafe.. we just park at the apartment lots and go up to put our thing.. then rushing to the hard rock cafe... nice... it was free.... ahakzz.. then.. keep walking along the beach in the dark situation... i saw people are kissing and doing weird thingss...

we shared a room... emma amik katil atas... i and zafryl tidur katil bawah.. and it damm cooled... I TURN IT ON>>>

both of us

both of us

both of us

 she afraid of that thing

 and she drove like hell

 there my wallet and car key.. i took the pic

 emma took it

terry took it

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