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Sunday, February 6, 2011

B A C K in UTHM dy

hari yang bagus dan boleh dikatakan teruk gak..
jorney aku mengambil masa kira kira around 12 hour lo... dalam bus.. sesak ngan penumpang dan sesak di LEBUH RAYA.. haha..
yang penting aku terus tido tanpa aku sedar.. hahah

bus driver..Kinda SHIT... hahha.. he use lots of bad words..
call his PASSANGERS anjing... FUCK off... i heard everything..
GOD wont bless u la sux..

hurm.. classes start tommorow..
for god sake... i miss him alot... hahah..
who care.. i just tell what i fell.. and i still person who belive that anything can happen if we keep on believing.. hahaha...
what ever la..

miss my family back home..
but life got to move on..
ramai roomies yang tak balik..
"kinda told myself that if i lost that person... i wont find other anymore"

i do care bout u..
but maybe it look digusting to u..
i do love u
but maybe it look simple to u..

what should i do.. to keep loving u or just ignore u..
if u hate me.. just tell me.
i wont disturb u anymore but indeep i will always love u..
u can hate me... but i will hate myself cause hating u..
my words wont have any meaning to you..
i still laughing as usual.. cause u teach me that way..
i really love u shin chan..

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